So you’re amp’d you can get stand up barrels when the surf is flat, huck rodeos when you have no snow, or bust three shuvs and not have to plant your face on some hard cement. You’re an addict, of a niche, which rests in San Diego’s palace of youth culture. WaveHouse San Diego's Waves Division, not only represents the FlowBarrel and the FlowRider, but the Waves Division labels the new generation of action sports athletes who innovate and create flowriding’s future by unleashing their limitless potential and infectious energy through show and lifestyle.

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The FlowBarrel, mother of all artificial wave machines, is the closest man has come to recreating the power, challenge and beauty of Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii’s surf reef break. The only FlowBarrel in the United States resides at WaveHouse Beach Club and has challenged everyone from tourists to Olympic gold medalists to flowboard its perfect, tubing wave. This 10 foot wave machine pumps 100,000 gallons of water per minute over a uniquely shaped ride surface creating an endless barreling wave.


The FlowRider is one of the most unique wave riding attractions in the world. It features a patented sheet wave technology which creates an endless wave for riders to both flowboard standing up and to bodyboard, creating a ride unlike anything you have ever tried. With a flexible ride surface your wipeouts will only bruise your ego. The FlowRider at WaveHouse is awesome for all ages and is the antidote to thrill fatigue.



FlowBarrel: Public Session $40/hour
FlowBarrel: Private Session up to 30 guests $500/hour
FlowRider: Public Session $20/hour*
FlowRider: Private Session up to 30 guests $300/hour
WaveCombo: 1 hr FlowRider + 1 hr FlowBarrel $55
All Day Spa Pass $10
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*$10 registration fee for all first time riders.
FlowRider and FlowBarrel have a 15 person maximum and a 5 person minimum
on public sessions (excludes special promotions).
All hours and pricing are seasonal and subject to change.


Flowriding, riding a flowboard standup or a bodyboard on a FlowRider or FlowBarrel, is a hybrid boardsport that is a complex equation of riding styles and equipment: Surfing (minus the fin) + Snowboarding (minus the mountain) + Wakeboarding (minus the boat) + Skateboarding (minus the road rash) + Skimboarding (minus the sand).

  1. Read the Rules of Riding (see section below)
  2. Fill out our Waiver HERE.(Parents or guardian signing for a minor must attach a copy of a valid ID to the signed waiver. The ID must be of the person who signs.)
  3. Head to the FlowRider to start learning how to Flow (all first-timers riders must ride in at least one 1-hour session on the FlowRider before progressing to the FlowBarrel)
  4. Move on to the Barrel when you're ready to start shredding and get tips from our Training Videos HERE


  1. Riders must be 42” (107cm) to bodyboard or 52” (133cm) to standup on Flowrider
  2. Riders must be 52” (133cm) to ride the Flowbarrel
  3. Riders must be able to swim in turbulent water
  4. Do not participate if you:

    • have had a recent surgery or illness
    • suffer from high blood pressure or aneurysms
    • have a heart, neck, back or bone condition
    • are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • are pregnant or think you are pregnant
    • suffer from any other major medical condition