Triple Stop of the Wave Loch Flow Tour in San Diego This Weekend
Wave House San Diego had the chance to sit down with 2009 Wave Loch Flow Tour and IFC (International FLOW Championship) winners Sean Silveira and Nick Nguyen, along with IFC Champion Eric Silverman, to chat about flowriding and the triple stop of the 2010 Flow Tour starting this Saturday at Wave House San Diego and continuing on to Raging Waters at San Dimas and The Wave Waterpark in Vista.
Flowboarding History in the Making
Wave House and WaveLoch would like to congratulate 17 year old Bruticus wonder boy, Eric Silverman, for making Flowboarding history last week when he nailed a Strapless Rocket Air Front-flip. Encouraged by fellow rider Brandon Stevens, Eric attempted the trick and crushed it after less than fifteen tries. He says that this proves the potential of the wave and that "the possibilities are endless when it comes to the future of...
Summer Flow League 2010
The time has come once again and the 2010 Summer Flow League is underway. The kick off party for this rapidly growing league was Thursday June 10th and the natives could not have been be more stoked. In this two month long league, a record breaking fifteen teams will go head to head in pursuit of the league title. Competitions will take place every Thursday June 17th from 6-9:30pm.
WaveLoch announces World FlowRider® Championships
2010 will mark another milestone in the world of FlowRiding. With the introduction of the IFC (International FlowRiding League of the World) Championships last October at the new Wave House Sentosa in Singapore, the sport of FlowRiding dropped its boundaries as 4 countries came together in the best FlowRiding competition ever held.
Wave Loch Must Once Again Set the Record Straight Regarding American Wave Machines’ Misrepresentations
On May 23, 2008, Wave Loch filed a patent infringement suit against American Wave Machines (“AWM”), a company founded by Bruce McFarland, a former Wave Loch contract draftsman and engineer who had access to Wave Loch’s design schematics, proprietary know-how, trade secrets and intellectual property. Since his departure from Wave Loch, Mr. McFarland has attempted to commercialize a stationary-wave surf attraction called...
What's Going On At Wave House...
In honor of Morrissey's 51st birthday, The Sweet N Tender Hooligans, a Morrissey cover band, and The Curse, a tribute to The Cure, took the Sound Wave stage on Friday night. The Hooligans faced an animated crowd in Mission Beach, having recently completed their first tour of the United Kingdom. They were voted "Best Cover Band In Los Angeles" and have also received acclaim from Morrissey himself. Judging by the crowd's reaction,...
Wave House Athletic Club Member Appreciation Party - A Success
We recognize that Wave House has had a lot to be grateful for this last year. We've survived through some pretty brutal storms, wicked earthquakes and of course those tragic days when the pool temperature dropped below 84 degrees. Yup, the Athletic Club has seen some dark days--but it's also seen a lot of sunshine. This past year Wave House Athletic Club has broken old records and set new goals that have previously been thought impossible....