Flow League at Wave House

Flow 2012 League Scoreboard

        TEAM Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total
    Blondetourage L    L          L          L         1 W - 4 L  
    Team Salty W L  L  W W     3 W - 2 L
    Flaming Dragon   W W  W  W     5 W - 0 L  
    Mo Flows L  L  L  L    1 W - 4 L
    Los Chorrizos W W  L  L    2 W - 3 L
    Taco Surf L W W    3 W - 2 L

*Scoring is based on each team's ability to complete tricks from the Set Trick List. Each week, the team from each heat with the most complete tricks will get a win.


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What is Flow League? Here's a little breakdown...